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Women's Leadership

Welcome to the Women's Leadership Division!

Current Division Leader: Victoria Blondell 

The Women’s Leadership Division focuses on promoting women’s status in the professional world and helping women develop leadership skills. We aim to promote and educate on women’s leadership through events and media. We develop events and programs in service of this goal that are open to all students and we encourage you to attend!

Upcoming Events

Feminist Friday

Each week on Friday, we host a weekly discussion about issues and topics relating to the feminist movement. Every other week, the women’s leadership division will host this conversation, centering the discussion on topics pertaining to women’s leadership and professional development.

Location and Time: Feminist Fridays occur every Friday at 12:30-1:30 in the WRC Living Room (Marquette 315)

Women's Collegiate Leadership Academy

The Women's Collegiate Leadership Academy is a workshop series hosted by the Women's Resource Center to help teach women professional and leadership skills that they can use to achieve their dream career. The workshops each focus on a different topic and culminate in a high tea, where students will have the opportunity to practice these skills and network with professionals in their field of interest. Workshops include:


A Woman's World: Developing Visions for Leadership - January 27 

During this workshop, students will learn how to develop a vision journal that includes goals, methods, and tactics to become a leader. After a short presentation, they will develop the cover page and first page of their leadership portfolio while engaging in dialogue with their peers and the leaders of the workshop.


Developing Leadership Skills to Lead Courageous Conversation - February 3

Workshop Co-Hosts: Ms. Rosalind Wiseman and Ms. Jai Shy

Host I: Rosalind Wiseman. Wiseman and Shanterra McBride co-authored: Courageous Discomfort: How to Have Important, Brave, Life-Changing Conversations About Race and Racism

Host II: Jai Shy is the Student Government Association Chief Justice. She also worked at the Women’s Resource Center for two years where she developed, co-produced, and co-anchored the center’s At the Intersection IGTV talk show.

For generations we have depended on the strategy of “We don’t talk about money, religion or politics” to keep peace. When tensions escalate, avoiding difficult conversations can feel like the only option, but avoidance comes at a high price. This price includes: silencing people with less power, avoiding hard but necessary conversations, and not role modeling for young people how to talk about challenging issues while maintaining relationships. How do we create communities where everyone feels a sense of belonging? How can we have honest conversations about discrimination and bigotry that bring us closer as a community instead of farther apart? How do we integrate the principles of dignity into these efforts? Join us as Rosalind Wiseman and Kedrick Perry educate us on how to lead such courageous conversations.


Developing a Leadership Presence & Networking Space on Social Media - February 10

Location: Audubon Room; Time: 12:30-1:30

Speaker: Danielle Dayries

How do you explain what you do to someone you meet for the first time and make a lasting impression? Ever found yourself rambling when someone asks – so, what do you do?

In this workshop, learn how to develop your personal brand in a clear, easy-to-understand process, identify unique strengths that differentiate you, and develop a brief, interesting professional presentation that communicates who you are and the value you bring to a company or clients. The focus will be on developing an elevator speech aka Professional Value Proposition. This Professional Value Proposition is as a hook designed to gain intrigue followed by interest by providing a basic introduction to whatever you have to offer be that, you, your product, your service or your organization.

During this workshop you will learn:

·       The definition of a personal and professional brand

·       Tips to build a trustful business relationship right from the beginning

·       How to make yourself memorable

·       Delve into a bag full of frameworks that you can used on demand dependent upon the different situations you find yourself in

Attend this dynamic workshop and begin to develop an effective 30-second “elevator speech” that clearly communicates your value and your brand. You’ll leave re-energized, with a clear framework for your elevator pitch and a new approach to presenting yourself.


Leadership Etiquette & Presentation - March 10

Location: Audubon Room; Time: 12:30-1:30

Speaker: Calandra Corder

During this workshop, Calandra Corder, Certified Etiquette International Protocol Professional, will teach students how to present themselves as professionals and leaders in their dress, speech, and conduct.


Leadership Development - March 24

People Google the leaders of your organization every day – to learn about their background and to assess the organization’s credibility. When they find your leaders, are you sure they are putting their best foot forward? Is their online impression as powerful as it could be?

More and more leaders are becoming increasingly aware and comfortable with their own thought leadership style. LinkedIn creates humanization and serves as the mostly widely used professional social media platform to share insight, expertise and knowledge.

Being able to put a face to a name is important to any business and relationship. Leaders must value this and hold it in high regard; the relationship with their entire team, their clients, and the brand they represent.

This Personal Branding Workshop teaches how to craft a powerful LinkedIn headline and summary based on the branding principles used by consumer brands.  Time allowing, each participant will leave with a professional LinkedIn profile that clearly displays their accomplishments, subject matter expertise, education, company brand, recommendations and how they work with their team. It's very important that your leaders either have a strong LinkedIn profile, or none at all. An incomplete profile, especially one without clarity, can be a detriment to a professional’s reputation, a company’s reputation as well as the perception by your clients, prospects and future employees.


A Woman’s World Part II: Leadership Presentations & Discussion - March 31

Location: Marquette 315; Time: 12:30-1:20

Students will have an opportunity to share their vision boards and discuss with each other how they have developed or changed their goals and methods.


High Tea: Networking & Climbing the Leadership Ladder - April 21

Location: Audubon Room; Time: 3:30-6:00

Speaker: Calandra Corder

This event will provide students with an opportunity to draw on all the skills they have learned in the previous sessions to network successfully with professionals in their fields. Students and professionals will enjoy a high tea experience that opens with a presentation of high tea history and etiquette and a guide for networking by Calandra Corder, Certified Etiquette International Protocol Professional. After the presentation, students will have an opportunity to network with the professionals at their tables using the guide that includes some introductory networking exercises.


For more information and to register, please visit our HowlConnect page

The 20%: Women Filmmakers Festival and Showcase

The 20% Women Filmmakers Festival and Showcase is co-hosted by the Loyola New Orleans Women's Resource Center and Tulane University. The festival commemorates the extraordinary triumphs of women in the creative arts and filmmaking and supports the advancement of women in key leadership roles in the film industry. 

Date and Location: April 25, 2023 at 6:30 in Stone Auditorium at Tulane University 

Our 2023 lineup is as follows: 

Not in Love -- Student Award Winner -- Trigger warning


It Doesn't Bite

Dorlis -- Jury Award Winner -- Trigger warning

Mystery Meat



Facing Fistula -- Trigger warning

Intake with my Therapist -- Trigger warning

Please note that all attendees will have a chance to choose their favorite film at the end of the night, and the winner will receive the Audience Prize, which includes a cash prize.